We Are Your Connection To The Audio Industry.

Our Strategy
Very few platforms exist where you can easily find talented audio specialists. Where professionals can showcase the work they’re most proud of. Where there’s an opportunity to learn more about each other as people. This placed us in a unique position to create a space where specialists throughout Australia can find each other, collaborate, and where cultural diversity is encouraged.
What We Are
The Audio Mill is a one-stop platform for all things audio. We provide an uncluttered space for producers, sound engineers, session musicians, and clients to join forces and make magic.
Our Vision
At the Audio Mill, our vision is simple: to connect Australian Audio Industry specialists with each other and to the public. We aim to provide you with an open and supportive platform that’s home to talented professionals and specialist-seeking clients, and where relationship building is at the forefront.

Meet the Audio Mill Team

Wiaan van der Westhuizen

Sound Designer / Final Mix Engineer

Wiaan is Head Engineer at a notable audio post-production house with 8 years of quality experience behind him. He has a Diploma in Sound Engineering and a Master’s Certificate in Music Production from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Wiaan has worked with clients big and small around the world including, USN Sports Nutrition, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Mini Cooper, BMW, and Vodaphone, to name only a few. He aims to connect clients with the correct audio specialist in their respective fields, ensuring both parties receive the quality and respect they deserve.

Image of Angus Woodhead_Glasshouse owner

Angus Woodhead

Producer / Engineer

Angus has worn many hats in his 30+ years in the music industry including Music Producer, Touring Live Sound Engineer, and Studio Engineer, to name a few. He is also a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter with his own original releases. Angus manages over 20 Facebook pages and groups dedicated to serving local and international musicians and studio owners. He also imports and distributes high-end brands like Buzz Audio and Aurora Audio and specialises in sourcing and selling hard-to-find vintage pieces through his business, The Recording Studio Consultant. Angus aims to help local artists better their craft and expose them to a worldwide audience.