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Imagine a space that seamlessly connects you with talented audio specialists? Enter, The Audio Mill. A community-based platform created to grow the Australian Audio Industry. Here, you’ll find an experienced pool of sound engineers and session musicians eager to collaborate, and clients on the hunt for exceptional talent.

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The audio specialist fills in a registration form


The Audio Mill reviews the application


The listing will appear on the website if approved


Clients can search for qualified professionals

Discover some of our top-rated Audio Specialists

Millennium Mastering


Kariong, NSW
Millennium Mastering provides the highest level of full service mastering for all your audio needs.

Mark Peric

Producer, Bass

Manly, QLD
Producer, Bassist and session Musician

Glasshouse Studios

Final Mix Engineer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering, Recording Studio, Piano/Keyboard, Vocals

We take working with your music very seriously and do what it takes to exceed your expectations.

Audio Engineering News and Blogs

Universal Audio's Teletronix LA-2A Electro-Optical Compressor

Compressors Part 1 : Optical

Optical compressors, or “opto” compressors, rely on a light-dependent resistor and a light source to dictate the way in which compression is applied. An optical compressor’s input signal illuminates a light source—the more powerful the input signal, the brighter the light will shine.

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Image of 1176 Universal Audio software compressors.

Compressors Part 2: FET

FET or Solid State compressors, or field effect transistor compressors, make use of transistor circuits. They respond quickly to the signal you run through them, and they’re also quite punchy, colourful, and bright.

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Image of Waves VCA Compressor plugin

Compressors Part 3: VCA

VCA compressors, or voltage controlled amplifier compressors, use a control signal to dictate whether or not gain reduction is applied to an audio signal. These are some of the most common types of compressors and often include all the controls you’re used to seeing on plugin compressors, like attack, release, threshold, ratio, and sometimes a knee.

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